Living Sober Rehab is one of the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres In Hyderabad that provides treatment for addiction recovery. Treatment at our Rehabilitation Center is trusted, confidential, and effective. It’s friendly approach along with effective rehabilitation protocols, makes it a unique model for addiction recovery.

Our program is a combination of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 steps, CBT, and REBT; complemented with Yoga, meditation along with psychiatric and medical inputs. Our intensive programs comprise Outpatient and Inpatient which include detox, withdrawal management to relapse prevention plan, and follow-ups.

We provide constructive care and support to the family members. As families play a major role in helping an addict to rehab; our family counseling sessions empower the members of the family with needed guidance in dealing with an alcoholic or drug addict while in treatment and thereafter. Alcoholics Anonymous

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We provide friendly and effective rehabilitation treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, with a good recovery rate.

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Living Sober rehab provides friendly, effective, confidential, and motivational rehabilitation programs for alcohol and drug addiction, with a good recovery rate.