Family Program

Family Program:

The families undergo lot of stress and disturbance due to their loved one’s addiction and they tend to lose the ability to take the right decision in terms of helping the addict. Initially the family members require lot of emotional support and mental stability. Our family counselling programs are specially designed to work concurrently with the client’s treatment. These sessions help them learn to work on their emotions and empower them to help the client quit their addiction.

Living Sober family program Is the best rehab centre in hyderabad for counselling that focuses on creating awareness on the disease of addiction and the way it impacts everyone in the family. These sessions would help them to understand the family dynamics and tools that they can use to build healthy family system.

The key elements of the family counselling:

  • Creating awareness about the disease of addiction
  • Briefing about the treatment program and their role in helping the addict
  • Counselling for inter-personal issues, conflict resolution and stress management Centers in Hyderabad
  • Empowering them to conduct a healthy intervention with the client in treatment
  • Healthy and positive communication exercises between the client and family members
  • Participation in the client’s relapse prevention plan
  • Regular family sessions to help the family and client for long lasting sobriety.
  • Introduction to Al-anon family support groups