Outpatient Treatment


Outpatient Treatment:

Living Sober Rehab also provides outpatient treatment, for the people who are willing to work on their sobriety and who has a strong desire to quit their substance.

In an intensive outpatient setting, a patient meets with an intake counsellor who will assess the patient’s individual situation prior to the start of the program. The type and severity of addiction, its duration, and the individual’s health and life commitments should all factor into placing the patient in the best program possible. Outpatient programs vary in length, depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Outpatient rehabilitation employs some of the same treatment practices as inpatient care, such as individual therapy based on 12 steps, CBT and REBT and life skills practice.

If patients suffer from multiple addictions, particularly severe or long-term addiction, or are diagnosed with both addiction and mental health issues, outpatient care may not be the optimal treatment solution.