Extended Care and Long-Term Addiction Rehab

Rehabilitation program

Extended care:

Extended-care is ongoing treatment that continues after a patient has completed an initial course of rehabilitation.

Extended-care facilities are available to people once they have completed a rehab program and would like additional support prior to returning home. This can also be a good option when the living situation is not conducive to recovery, or when other treatment options have not led to long-term sobriety.

After care: Each client goes through a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan; helping them to identify specific relapse triggers, slippery situations and prepare them to handle these situations while maintaining sobriety. Every client would be connected to the support group and they are also encouraged to attend follow-up sessions with the therapist.

Outreach services: Living Sober rehab has initiated various sensitization programs on the “Disease of Addiction” for college students, parents, government and private employees.