Outreach Programs

De Addiction Outreach Programs:

Living Sober residential treatment centre provides an impressive quality and range of professional services, highly individualized to each client, in a compassionate and structured environment. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible with us. Our goal is to provide each client with what they need to succeed in recovery and regain a healthy approach to living.

A residential addiction rehabilitation program allows someone who is struggling in their normal environment to focus completely on successful treatment. Often being away from the normal stresses of life and ‘triggers’ (such as people places or things) previously associated with addiction is what makes all the difference between a successful recovery and relapse. Living Sober rehab provides a luxurious treatment environment that is dedicated to meeting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each client receiving care at our residential treatment centre.

We at Living Sober have a holistic program, which address all affected areas such as physical,

Mental, emotional, social and spiritual. A structured and tailor-made program is strategized to help every client, based on 12 steps, CBT, REBT, Psychological techniques along with addressing individual personality traits combined with yoga, meditation, expert medical and psychiatric inputs, therapy sessions, group and individual counselling, daily moral inventory, audio and video motivational sessions. The treatment also includes family support, individualized relapse prevention plan and follow-up programs.

The first phase of inpatient rehab includes a period of detoxification (detox). During detox, the patient is weaned off the substance of abuse, which in many cases may result in the user experiencing withdrawal symptoms. For certain types of abused substances, these withdrawal symptoms can be very severe or even life-threatening. At Living Sober, detox and withdrawals are managed professionally by a psychiatrist and resident nurse.